Classic Slippers - FREE knitting pattern

Who doesn’t want to come home after a hard day at work, kick your feet up and relax for a bit? No one! Want to make it even more relaxing with a touch of cozy? Heck, ya! Then get busy and make yourself a pair of these awesome slippers!

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As taken from the Ravelry post:

These are my classic slippers. They are my go-to gift and a wonderful stashbuster. I used a variety of different patterns and notes when I first started and condensed them down into this pattern.

I knit this double stranded to make it extra sturdy, combine textures and use up random yarn. Sizing isn’t exact. I usually measure once I finish the sole and if it isn’t quite right, I adjust the cast on.

This pattern is knitted from the center of the sole outward. It is cast on two circular needles, one for each side of the foot then worked up. You will still knit around instead of back and forth so there’s no seaming. It’s just breaking it into 2 which I find faster and easier to manipulate in the tight spots.

Price – FREE

Website link – Ravelry – Classic Slippers

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