Crochet book rat pattern

When I saw the photos for this awesome crochet pattern online, I knew I was going to need to include it here. It’s such a cute and ingenious design. The author also has a few other book mark patterns on the website and other places as well.

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It’s a great way to mark where you are in your latest book. And I think it’s so fitting to see the bulged out eyes and flat body from where the poor creature is caught in the book.

It’s available to read for free on the author’s website and as a download from Ravelry and Etsy. I linked to them below.

Price – FREE and $3.55 on Ravelry and $4.75 on Etsy

Website link – Crochet Rat Bookmark – Book Rat

Ravelry – Book Rat

Etsy – Rat Bookmark Crochet Pattern

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