A little about this site...

This is a collection of some of the best patterns on the web. This website accepts both paid and free crochet and knitting patterns. Anyone can submit their pattern using the link below. 

Free Knitting Pattern - striped moccasin slippers
Knit a pair of moccasin style bootie slippers with this FREE knitting pattern. Knit slippers for adults from size 5 - 14.
child slippers knit pattern
This is a basic knitted slipper pattern for kids with instructions on how to make cat and the […]
Twined Flowers Knitted Scarf Pattern
A bit of a different design that makes for a lovely, flowing kind of feel. The […]
Conspire - a Knitted Beanie Pattern
Your basic beanie or toque as they say where I’m from. This is a one size […]
Vortex Afghan & Pillows - Downloadable PDF - FREE Crochet Pattern
Swirly and trippy. Groovy and awesome! This FREE crochet pattern makes a truly unique afghan that goes beyond a plain granny square blanket.
Twister Leg Warmers Boot Cuffs - FREE Knitting Pattern
Leg warmers have been a popular fashion piece for decades since they provide an easy way […]
Cat & Mouse Throw & Pillow - FREE PDF Crochet Pattern 
Cats are great! And any cat lover out there is certain to admire and appreciate this awesome crocheted cat afghan and pillow combo.
Damask Felted Floral Bag - Free Knitting Pattern
An easy pattern to follow, make this beautiful felted hand bag with your favourite wool yarn. Read the pattern online. No download required!
Better Dorm Boots - Free Knitting Pattern!
These comfy, cozy slip-ons are perfect for spending some chill time at home.
Kriss Beanie - FREE Knitting Pattern
Cable patterns are sometimes too complex for beginners. This beanie is the perfect because it's straightforward and fun!