Moccasin Style Slippers for Children - FREE Knitting Pattern

After a bit of math and a little tweaking of the results, the child sizes of the FREE Knitted Slipper Pattern is finally available! Because these are made for little feet, they often don’t need much yarn. This makes them a great way to use up the smaller leftover bits from larger projects. Not to mention, these tend to sell like hotcakes at local farmers’ markets, craft fairs and consignment shops. The smaller pairs are “so cute” making for an easy sale and the return on the investment of your time is great! They’re quick to make and since the yarn has already been bought for a larger project, anything made from the leftovers, like these child shippers, is gravy, baby!

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And yes, you have my permission to sell or give away anything you make from my patterns. You’re just not allow to redistribute any of the patterns themselves in any form. Linking to and sharing is always welcome though!

Please note, this isn’t a pattern for beginners, but if you know how to knit a stitch, pick up stitches and knit two stitches together, you should be okay. I used a very different technique involving multiple sets of needles, but no worries! I included photos to demonstrate how I’m using the extra set and it totally works! Trust me.

Price – FREE

Website link – FREE Knitted Slipper Pattern for Children

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