Stash buster patchwork cardigan - FREE knitting Pattern

Big and bulky. The perfect sweater to wrap yourself up in on those cold days sitting on the couch in front of the tv binge watching Netflix.

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This free knitting pattern is a super easy way to create this beautiful and colorful patchwork cardigan. The author created the pattern for a close friend who requested something bright and bold to wear. It’s a fantastic project for using up some of your scrap yarn!

The pattern includes photos of the different stages as well as instructions for you to read. Despite being a free form knit, these instructions, combined with the informative illustrations should be sufficient so you could make this yourself.

If you are able to knit & purl, and change colors, then you will be able to make this cardigan. It is perfect for festival season, bright & colorful with a real 70s boho vibe.

For a change of pace, and in case you haven’t bee on Love Crafts before, you can download this pattern for FREE from their website. I rate this site as 10 out of 10 btw. I sell my patterns on their too!

LoveCrafts – Stash buster patchwork cardigan  

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