Damask Felted Floral Bag - Free Knitting Pattern

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I thought I’d highlight something a little different in this post. I do like a lovely knitted bag, but really took a shine to this felted version of a knitted handbag. Because it’s felted, the knitting is very basic; just purl and knit stitches. To create the lovely pattern, follow the chart to make it.

The only draw back to this elegant, felted purse knowing how to do intarsia knitting. If you’re new to knitting, it may be a bit more complicated than you’d like to take on. For the more adventurous, there are many videos on YouTube that I’m certain could help you learn.

The trick with this knitting pattern is making the final piece the size that you want it. Felting a knitted item can be a smidgen difficult. It’s basically controlled matting and shrinking of the wool to form a solid piece. I’ve never done it and curious to see how it works out for you if you try.

The pattern is written out in full on the website.

Price – FREE!

Website link – https://www.berroco.com/patterns/damask

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