Shoe Size Conversion Chart

One of the toughest things to figure out when making slippers is knowing what size you need to make. You may know the size you want in the country where you live, but what size do you need to make according to that awesome pattern you downloaded from the internet? If you’re a UK size 8 men’s, what US size do you need to make?? It can be so frustrating! Until now…

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Please keep in mind that while this shoe size chart is accurate, sizing for shoes and boots can vary slightly from maker to maker. Also important and generally speaking, any slipper that is knit, will have some give in sizing. It will stretch a bit to accommodate a person’s foot. Crocheted footwear can be a bit stiffer and offer no stretch at all. But even with saying all that, it’s footwear not brain surgery. If you are off a bit, the wearer will probably never be able to tell. Close enough applies to horseshoes, hand grenades and knitted slippers ?

Shoe Size Conversion Chart
Shoe Size Conversion Chart – Click to enlarge
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