Yellow Waves Crochet Bracelet

Did you know that you can crochet jewelry? Probably not. It’s not the first project that pops into mind when a person thinks of crocheting. But, it is possible and it it quite lovely when the project is finished.

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It is also a wonderfully quick little project to make for a gift or if you are looking to turn a bit of a profit on the stuff you make. If you have some experience crocheting, these take very little time to make and the cost of the button and thread is minimal. You can make a tidy profit.

Things you need:

You may have most of this on hand already, but the links will take you to Amazon where you can purchase everything you need.

1 ball of crochet cotton thread (Main colour. Size 10)

1 ball complimentary colour of crochet cotton thread (accent colour or whatever you’d like the edging to be. Also size 10).

Size 10 (1.3 mm) crochet hook.

A pretty button (doesn’t matter what size but bigger than your average dress shirt button)

Buttons like these are my favourite

If you are intrigued by the idea of crocheting jewelry, you may also want to check out Crochet Jewelry – Fans Bracelet Pattern. It’s somewhat similar to this one.

You can get the pattern in a couple of places. It is free to read on the website and a printable version is available for a small fee on Etsy.

Price – Free and $1.39

Website links – How to Crochet Jewelry – Waves Bracelet – FREE Crochet Pattern

Etsy – How to Crochet a Beautiful Bracelet How to Crochet Jewelry Waves Bracelet

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