Easy Face Scrubbies - FREE Crochet Pattern

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A fast and simple face scrubbie! Great for getting rid of the grease and grime at the end of the day. And since we don’t all work in a coal mines, are welders or heavy duty mechanics, you can also use this to gently cleanse your face and gently exfoliate.

As a face scrubbie, I would recommend using a cotton yarn. I don’t think anything acrylic or wool based would feel very nice. But let’s be honest, a scrubbie is a scrubbie. You could use a rougher type yarn and make regular kitchen scrubbies from the same pattern.

This pattern is rated as an easy project. Once again, another great for beginners! And if it doesn’t turn out perfectly, it still entirely usable.

Price – FREE and $2.00 USD

Website – http://thestitchinmommy.com/2015/02/easy-face-scrubbies-free-pattern.html

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