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This is a collection of some of the best patterns on the web. This website accepts both paid and free crochet and knitting patterns. Anyone can submit their pattern using the link below. 

Tree of Life Felted Bag Knit Pattern
What a lovely design for a purse! As taken from the website: A beautiful, cabled tree […]
Bear - teddy knitting pattern
Another one of those patterns I just had to list because it just looked so darn […]
Acron knitted dog sweater
The photos are definitely what caught my eye with this awesome knitting pattern. Just the perfect […]
The birthday cowl
A simple and repetitive pattern and great for the beginner knitter. You can read the pattern […]
These slippers are perfect for a beginner! If you know how to cast on, knit, purl, K2tog, M1, and draw through (or gather) […]
These mitts are knitted completely flat, on 2 needles and are perfect for the beginner. There […]
Victorian inspired crochet necklace and bracelet
This pattern started off as a bracelet design, then subsequently morphed into necklaces because I liked […]
Crochet Star Bracelet - Free Crochet Pattern
This is a fairly simple bracelet to make and doesn’t involve any complicated or unusual stitches. […]
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Easy to knit owl fingerless gloves
Knit a fabulous pair of fingerless gloves with owls! Knit flat on 2 knitting needles with […]