Acron knitted dog sweater

The photos are definitely what caught my eye with this awesome knitting pattern. Just the perfect thing to make for you favourite short-haired, four-legged furry friend.

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A snippet from the listing –

The “ACORN” sweater was inspired by the fall season. When nature changes colors and the days are getting shorter (sic) and cooler. Orange and brown are the colors of fall, the colors of falling leaves, mushrooms and acorns. 

This model designed with collar to provide an extra warmth for the neck. Ribbing and cables make sweater stretchable and comfortable to wear. Decorative buttons look like little acorns. Combination of color and details giving a special autumn charm to this model. Your darling will be so cozy and stylish in this sweater. 

Price – $7.24

Website link – Etsy – French Bulldog Sweater with Collar, Dog Sweater

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