Cat & Mouse Throw & Pillow - FREE PDF Crochet Pattern 

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I am a fan of cats. I own a cat. Cats are great. And so is this adorable afghan. The border has a delightful mouse motif which is as close to a mouse as I wish to get. I know this because I have had to deal with mice in the past. I became a master mouser many times when living out in the country and once when a hoarder next door neighbour of mine moved out of their house. I was inundated with them. But those are stories for another time… back to cozy blankets. (You can email me if you want to hear about my amazing mouse catching techniques.)

This blanket is filled with cats. They alternated the cat motifs between two colours but really, there’s no reason why you couldn’t use up some of those left over skeins of yarn for various backgrounds. Maybe you could make the cats striped if you were so inclined. Colour choices could really make this design pop.

If you’re not up to the commitment and labour efforts of an entire afghan, you can also just make the nifty pillow. It’s kinda cool too.

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