How to PM1 or increase purl wise

“Increase stitches evenly across” – dreaded words when reading a knitting pattern.

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If you have ever needed to decrease or increase stitches evenly while knitting and have a difficult time calculating how many stitches to leave between the increases or decreases, then you’re in luck! There’s a handy dandy calculator that I found online that can do the math for you and make your life so much easier.

Go to this link – Knitting Stitch Calculator. Once there, enter the number of stitches you have to what the final number of stitches needs to be. Regardless of which, it works for both increasing stitches or decreasing stitches. It will even calculate the number of rows required to arrive at your required final number.

As an added bonus, it will even calculate the knitting decreases required to make a standard sleeve. And this website all of this math ? for you at absolutely no charge. Who could ask for more!

I have used this page innumerable times ever since I found it and has saved me so much time from doing complicated math, that oftentimes, wasn’t right anyways, and having to frog everything I had done. The frustration it prevented is almost incalculable!

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