Knitting and Crochet Patterns

by Janis Frank

Knitted Slippers

Click the slipper photo to download this FREE pattern for kids and adults.

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Popular Patterns to Download

Crocheted Slippers

Crocheted Ribbed Slippers - Made with basic crochet stitches, you can make these very cute and practical slippers for just about anyone.

Adult Booties Slippers

Knitted Adult Booties - Make a pair of slippers with a cuff. Great for those who want their slippers to fit more a little snugly.

Easy to Knit Bow Slippers

Easy to Knit Bow Slippers - These slippers use very basic stitches and the pattern includes detailed instructions and step by step photos that show how to create the bows.

Netflix and Knit... This Scarf

Netflix and Knit... This Scarf - The pattern is easy to follow and repeats the same eight rows for the length of the scarf. If you have never knitted cables before, the pattern includes photos and instructions how to do it.

Cable Knit Slippers

Cable Knit Slippers - Learn to knit comfy, cozy cabled slippers. This pattern includes detailed instructions and numerous photos on how to create the cable.

Crocheted Bracelet

Crocheted Bracelet - This pattern shows how to make a stunningly gorgeous bracelet from nothing more than crochet cotton thread and inexpensive glass pony beads.

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