Knitting Stitches - C2F or Cable 2 Forward  

C2F or Cable 2 Forward Video

This is a quick step-by-step video tutorial showing how to cable 2 knitting stitches forward when making the Cable Knit Scarf pattern, the Cable Knit Slippers pattern and the Knitted Wine Bottle Cozy or Koozie pattern.

 I also have the demo for how to perform the C2B portion of this swatch here - How to C2B or Cable 2 Backward Video

If you would like to make the swatch as shown in the video to practice before you start a larger project, here is the pattern:

Cast on 10

Row 1: K1 P1 K6 P1 K1

Row 2: K2 P6 K2

Row 3: K1 P1 C2F K2 P1 K1 

Row 4: K2 P6 K2

Row 5: K1 P1 K6 P1 K1

Row 6: K1 P1 K2 C2B K2 P1 K1 (The first 3 clips in this video shows C2B. The fourth clip is of this row in it's entirety).

Row 7: K2 P6 K2 Row 8: K1 P1 K6 P1 K1 

Row 8: K1 P1 K6 P1 K1