Knitting Stitches - C2B or Cable 2 Backward  

C2B or Cable 2 Backward Video

This is easy to follow video tutorial shows how to cable 2 knitting stitches backward when making the Cable Knit Scarf pattern, the Cable Knit Slippers pattern and the Knitted Wine Bottle Cozy or Koozie pattern. This technique can be applied to many other knitting patterns though there may be slight variations with or without the purl stitch along the sides.

I also have a quick video demonstrating how to do the C2F or cable 2 forward set of knitting stitches as well.

If you would like to make the swatch as shown in the video to practice before you start a larger project, here is the pattern:

Cast on 10

Row 1: K1 P1 K6 P1 K1

Row 2: K2 P6 K2

Row 3: K1 P1 C2F K2 P1 K1 

Row 4: K2 P6 K2

Row 5: K1 P1 K6 P1 K1

Row 6: K1 P1 K2 C2B K2 P1 K1 (The first 3 clips in this video shows C2B. The fourth clip is of this row in it's entirety).

Row 7: K2 P6 K2 Row 8: K1 P1 K6 P1 K1 

Row 8: K1 P1 K6 P1 K1