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Knitting Patterns - FREE

Now that you've learned how to knit, or maybe you're an old pro at it, here are a few of my knitting patterns that I have written over the years. All of these knitting patterns are FREE and you can use what you make from them as you see fit; sell 'em, give 'em away, hoard 'em in your basement. It's up to you. All I ask is that you don't reproduce my knitting patterns in any way, either physical or digital. Please respect the hard work and effort I've put into developing these over the years.

This selection doesn't include the knitting patterns available for purchase. Those I have listed in the store portion of this site and are available as downlable PDF's that can be read on any device. You can purchase and download the patterns here: Knitting Patterns. If you find a paid pattern that you like, use the code YouTube at check out and receive 75% off the listing price!

Knitted Owl Slipper Pattern - NEW!!!

I've been inspired to redesign slippers and not just rehash the same old layout. This is a smidgen more difficult than my previous knitted slipper designs, but I've provided lots of photos to help you along when using 2 sets of single pointed needles. That's right folks, 2 sets!! 

Knitted Adult Slippers with a Plaid Pattern - NEWish

Knitted adult slipper pattern. Read the entire knitting pattern online for FREE! Also available as a download to read on any device.

Knitting for Beginners - How to Knit a Dishcloth

Learn how to knit with the easy to follow pattern. Includes links to a complete step-by-step video!

How to Knit Adult Slippers 

Knit a pair of slippers for adults with this pattern. Watch the how-to video right on the same page!

How to Knit Child Slippers 

The child sized version of the adult slippers shown above. 


How to Knit Adult Booties 

With an extra cuff to help them stay on your feet, these slippers are guaranteed to keep your feet nice and toasty warm. Also includes a video showing each step.

How to Knit Ribbed Bootie Slippers for Adults

Another pair of comfy and cozy slippers to knit.

Knit a Pair of Flip Mittens or Fingerless Gloves

Super cool mittens you can knit. Make them in a variety of sizes.

How to Knit a Cable Scarf - aka Netflix and Knit...this Scarf

Never made a cable before? No worries! This pattern includes a video, 3 actually, that will show you how to do it.

How to Knit Texting Mitts

Keep your hands warm and only expose your thumbs when needed. Knit these mitts for yourself or your fav texter.

How to Knit - Make a Way Cool Monster Purse

It's unique and fun! Not for everyone but that's what makes it so cool 😎

How to Knit a Simple Dishcloth

Great for beginners, this is an easy pattern to make a knitted dishcloth.

Cable Knit Wine Bottle Cozy or Koozie

Keep your wine bottles from clinking together or use this as a great way to give a bottle of wine as a gift. No bag or bow needed! Looks like it's wearing a sweater because...why not.

How to Knit Socks & Graft the Toe - With Photos!

Learn how to knit a pair of socks on double pointed needles (DPN) with this free pattern. Includes a bunch of photos to show you how to do it.

This is an ever growing list of patterns I've personally written myself. I'm always developing new patterns, so be sure to check back often.

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