How to Knit Adult Bootie Slippers  

How to Knit Adult Bootie Slippers

Learn how to knit adult bootie slippers

I've been asked by a number of people to knit them slippers that are a little more snug. A surprising number of people like to sleep with slippers on and have a difficult time finding ones the don't keep coming off. Now, I can't guarantee that these will stay on your feet all night but with the extended cuff, these knitted adult bootie slippers will stay on much better than any of the other knitted slippers that I make. This particular knitted slipper design fits feet that are a woman's size 6 - 11 and a man's size 5 - 10. I was going to make them for larger and smaller sizes, but there was no demand for it 😕

My apologies if you are mid-knit with this pattern, but it has moved!

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