How to Crochet an Afghan or How to Do Tunisian Crochet  

How to Crochet an Afghan.

...or How to Do Tunisian Crochet

Crochet an Afghan PatternThis is more than a common granny square...this is what is known as an afghan stitch or tunisian crochet. A few months ago I decided to make another afghan using this method. It's the second one I've made, but this time instead of using my left over yarn I came up with the idea to make it a little more fancy. The house and star patterns are done in a basic cross-stitch and really could be anything you want. What I didn't realize was how long it was going to take me to finish this project. It was a mammoth undertaking but slowly it's came together. Since the chances of me making another one like this in the near future is slim to none, I figured I might as well share it with everyone.

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