How to Knit Socks & Graft the Toe  

How to Knit Socks & Graft the Toe - With Photos!

Knitted sock pattern

Socks are one of those things that you can make as individual as you are. Made in the round on 4 double pointed needles, it may seem intimidating at first, but really it's not. And with a little practise you'll get just as hooked as me.

If you are just getting started one standard ball of yarn, like the kind you can get at Walmart, should be enough to make a pair of ankle socks as pictured above. Choose an acrylic yarn or a blended worsted weight. You can use wool, but cleaning them may be a hassle (shrinkage) and cotton yarn doesn't stretch enough to make a comfortable pair of socks. It also gets up your nose when working with it. Just want full disclosure here 😉

My apologies if you are mid-knit with this pattern, but it has moved!

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